D&D Outlaw x RRC Ms Storm
PB Charolais
Cool Cub

Canadian Outcross
PB Charolais
Game On

Turton x McHenry
AICA Reg# M820913

His first calves look tremendous watch for great things to come from this outstanding sire.
Game On is the Charolais bull that will add look, power, and hair.

Owned with Thomas Ranch, Zach Kraneow, and Jason Hoffman.
TR PZC Turton 0794 ET
Firewater X 0641
AICA# EM790987

2011 National Champion Charolais Bull
Turton's first calf crop produced $41,000, $38,000, and $18,000 heifer calves.
He consistently adds style, power, bone, and rib.
Owned with: Hansen Charolais, Suttles Charolais, Cavendar Ranches, Thomas Ranch

2011 National Champion Charolais Bull

ACES Snow Angel- $41,000 Turton heifer

CML Diablo 2X

Sparrows Sanchez X CML Wilma 3S
2012 National Western Stock Grand Champion Charolais Bull
Diablo is anoutcross to US genetics. His calves come small at birth and have great muscle shape, bone, and rib

Hoo Dat 325Y

AICA# EM811391
A grandson of the great HooDoo 6017 cow, Hoo Dat combines the top of the Hoo Doo program into a complete package. 
He is very sound and has an excellent disposition.  Look for great things to come from him! 
Owned with Shane Lutrick

Sired by Hoo Dat

Sired by Hoo Dat

HooDoo Gold

Sire: LC Hoo’s Hoo ET Em 767599 • Dam: Miss HooDoo Z6020 F768378
Straight line bred Hoo Doo
AICA# EM 811384

BW WW YW Scan Data: REA Scan Data: IMF
69 594 1035 15.39 @ 1000 lbs 3.76 
WZCC Backdraft 127

Firewater x Baldridge Elvira 4303 (Show Dam of the year)

Combines the breeds leading genetics into an awesome package, super stout, and clean fronted. 
Interest Available...

Fox Town

M6 Cool Rep x Big Creek Angel
Champion Bull 2015 Bull Classic Kansas City


Hoo Cares

Hoo’s Hoo x HooDoo 6020 Calving Ease!!

Red Rock

Heat Wave X Hereford
The go to sire for great Hereford marked cattle and baldies. Works great on Charolais too.
Red River

Red Rock X Sweet Red Wine
DOB September 2012 - BW 78

A perfect Hereford marked Red Rock son backed by a tremendous cow. His mother genetrated over $400,000 in progeny in 2013 alone as a four year old.
Big hipped, big ribbed, and with great muscle shape and look he will sire great Hereford marked steers and just great cattle in general.
Big Chief

Red Rock X P101 | BW: 65
Semen $25/unit

Big Chief combines the best of both worlds. He is extremely stout and rugged in his
design, huge hipped, big footed, and good looking. He is also out of a great cow
that never misses and is an incredible milker. He is also low birthweight and safe for heifers.
Upgrade x Expecting A Dream
DOB: 9.12.13
Full sib to Hammer - $200,000 bull sold in Hartman's sale for 1/3 interest.